In real estate, time is of the essence. A delay in a pre-qualification or pre-approval can mean losing a deal, or a client losing out in a bidding war. Not only that, but often you're trying to get these things out the door while you're on the move yourself! Maxwell can help move these time-sensitive transactions forward quickly, with features like our mobile-friendly  loan application, quickly creating an initial needs list through SmartTasks, the ability to pull credit, and now our newest feature built for you and your real estate partners - FlexLetters!

FlexLetters saves loan officers the time and hassle of creating and making requested changes to pre-qualification and pre-approval letters. This helps borrower’s agents make offers faster and helps the loan officer provide value to the agent. In a purchase-driven market like 2018, features that enable the loan officer to impress the agent are golden

Important note: You can use this feature to create letters for your borrowers, but real estate agents will love this feature even more! Click here to make sure you know how to add one to your file.

Ready to turn this on? Email help@himaxwell.com today!

Read on to learn more about this new feature.

Enabling FlexLetters

Send an email to help@himaxwell.com or use the contact us button at the top of this page to request access to FlexLetters. If you're part of a team that uses Maxwell, this may already be turned on for your organization, so check with your manager as well!

Creating Your Letter Templates

1. Click on "Template Manager" under your name in the upper right hand corner. Note: you must be an org admin in order to create a template. If you are not sure who your org admin is, please email help@himaxwell.com

2. Scroll down to FlexLetters, and click "New Template." Create a title for your template - is it for a specific product? A specific state? Details will help your loan officers know which template to select. 3. Now that you're in your template, you can configure the header, footer, and most importantly, the letter itself! Write a new one, or paste in a template you already use. You have a few different variables that you can use like {BORROWER_NAME} to fill in your client's name. You can also use {MAX_PREAPPROVED_AMOUNT} to set the maximum amount that the real estate agent can set for editing the letter. (More on that here). 

Create as many templates as you need!

Creating a FlexLetter

Once templates have been created, we can add FlexLetters to a loan file.

  1. Click "new task" for your borrower's loan file, and select "Create FlexLetter." Select the template you wish to use, and then click "Create Letter."

  2. Now you can fill in the keyword fields, which will populate when the letter is generated and sent to the borrower and real estate agent. The keywords will NOT fill in the preview screen, but you can click "Save and preview" to see what it will look like. You can also click into the letter and make changes in the version that your client will see, without overriding the template, just like the welcome email and other  templated emails. Once the letter is created you can preview it in Maxwell:

  3. Your real estate agent partners and borrowers will receive emails with the letter attached, and real estate agents have the ability to edit the letter amount up to the maximum specified amount. You'll see these new letters in the doc vault as they are created.

Real Estate Agent FlexLetter Experience

To learn about what your agent partners see,  click here!